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Have your event at Western Trails Ranch

We do all the catering for you at very reasonable prices.
Charity Events
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Holiday Events
This was a very large biker/charity event.


When you call for information please have the following information ready:

Ceremony at the Ranch?

Will you need a dressing room?

How many Bridesmaids?

Will you be decorating?

Will you need a DJ or Band?

What food do you want?

How do want to handle beverages?

How many people will be attending?

What are the times of the wedding?

What day of the Week?

Any special requests?

Parties & Events

Western Trails Ranch is a wonderful place to have a Western, Country, Traditional, Honky Tonk, or Indian style Wedding, party or event.  The venue holds 3500 people so there is plenty of room.  We can accommodate Concerts, Fairs, Company Parties, Holiday Parties, Auctions, Weddings, Vendor Shows, Car & Truck Shows, Charity Events, Bike Runs, Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Bachelor Parties, Anniversaries, & Birthdays. The fall schedule is booking up fast, so please plan early.  The following Prices include a 3-hour party or event.

Areas- There is an additional fee for renting a venue area, call for prices.

We can set-up up a party or event almost anywhere in out 14 acre venue including but not limited to: The Bandstand Area, the Horse Stable Area, The Hungry Bull, or any of the patios.  We have Two Stages and Two Dances floors available. The Hungry Bull is not available for rent on Saturdays. The price includes the set-up of chairs or picnic tables.  All utensils will be supplied, including plates, and napkins. The menu prices do not include venue rental. WE CAN WORK WITH MOST ANYONE'S BUDGET. This is our sample party menu; we can cook any type of food you want...

  - Grand Ave Stage Area 

Our Grand Ave Stage Area is a Great Place for Parties & Weddings. With a Bandstand, Oversized Dance Floor, fire pits and seating for more than 1,000, this is a fantastic place to have a Great party! It is also conveniently located near to the Hungry Bull Steakhouse for food service.

Dinner Packages

 - All packages are priced PER PERSON (PP) Plus a 18% Gratituity & 6.30% Sales Tax will be added to your total.


#1 Honky-Tonk Party
$15.99 PP

·         Half Pounder Cheeseburgers & Hot Dogs

·         Cole Slaw

·         BBQ Pit Beans

·         Coffee Self-Serve Station(s) $50.00 Extra


#2 Cowboy Party
$18.99 PP

Buffet Self Serve

·         Giant BBQ Pork Sandwich & Giant Chicken Sandwich

·         Cole Slaw

·         BBQ Pit Bean

·         Coffee Self-Serve Station(s) $50.00 Extra

#3 Cowboy Deluxe Party
$23.99 PP

Buffet Self Serve

·         Giant BBQ Pork Sandwich & Giant Chicken Sandwich

·         St. Louis Ribs

·         Corn Muffin & Butter

·         Cole Slaw

·         BBQ Pit Beans

·         Coffee Self-Serve Station(s) $50.00 Extra

#4 Cowboy Super Deluxe Party
$37.99 PP

Buffet Self Serve

·         Steaks cooked in front of your guests

·         Giant BBQ Pork & Giant Chicken Sandwich

·         St. Louis Ribs

·         Corn Muffin & Butter

·         Baked Potato, with Butter & Sour Cream

·         Cole Slaw

·         BBQ Pit Beans

·         Coffee Self-Serve Station(s) $50.00 Extra

·         Pie


Beverage Packages-Call for prices...

At Western Trails Ranch we have full-service bars, so all your beverage needs can be met.  Your beverage package must be purchased at the time you sign your contract.

#1 Beverage Tickets

You can purchase drink tickets for your guests.

There are 2 bars on the property; one is in the (HUNGRY BULL), one is a walk-in sit down bar (BUZZARD’S SALOON). They both are full bars.

There are several choices for tickets.
The Host of the party can choose a set price limit for drink tickets.
For example the ticket can be good only for soda, only for domestic beer, or good for any drink under $5.00…etc. We can customize your beverage package.

#2 The Western Bar

A Western bar at Western Trails Ranch is bar that we set-up for your party.  It’s a large horse trough filled with drinks and ice.

A horse trough filled with beverages and ice; in your private area - however we must have a certified bartender handing out the beverages.    The beer, wine, and soft drinks will be in bottles. You let us know how many and of what you want to serve, after it’s gone your guests can purchase drinks on their own.  Margaritas or Alcoholic Rum Punch can be served also, the prices for these go by the gallon, you specify how many gallons you want. You can only have Margaritas and Punch if you are getting the Western Bar. 

#3 The Honky-Tonk Bar

This is an actual bar that can serve beer, wine, soda and mixed drinks, set-up in your private area.  The mixed drinks can be our well drinks or whatever you specify.  

Well to include: Tequila, Gin, Brandy, Rum, Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, 4 different types of Whiskey, Sloe-Gin, Wine, & different varieties of Pucker.

#4 Open Tab Bar

Guests will receive wristbands allowing them to drink whatever they want from the bar.  The wristband is to identify your party from the general public.  The Host will be charged regular price of drinks, a credit card remains open until the host tells us to close it.  We can set a price limit on the amount per drink your guest are allowed to spend. 


Your guest will be carded, as according to the law, no underage person will be served alcoholic beverages.

Some people foolishly think because they are having a party, event, or wedding that their underage guest(s) can drink alcoholic beverages, this is against the law, and we will not tolerate or allow this at Western Trails Ranch.  Also, parents cannot give their underage children permission to drink, this is against the law.  We will not jeopardize our liquor license. Therefore, if you give an underage person an alcoholic beverage you are breaking the law.  We will do everything we can to prevent this.  Please cooperate or we will have to stop the party and remove you and your guests from the property. No refunds will be given. We take this very seriously and we expect you to do the same.

Entertainment Options:

Visa Ve’ Wedding Carriage


w/one horse for one-hour


Cowboy Reverend


Disc Jockey

$250.00 & up


$400.00 & up

Cowboy Singer

$150.00 & up

Mariachi Band


Indian Hoop Dancers


Event Photographer

$200.00 & up

Line Dancing Lessons


Couples Two Step Dance Lessons




Cowboy Poet with Trick Horse


Wyatt Earp Story Teller

$600.00 1 hour

Gun Fight –Shot Out

$200.00 45 minutes


$250.00 one hour


$125.00 per hour

Bike Blessing


Mechanical Bull Ride


Dunk Tank

$250.00 for Event

Sumo Wrestler Game (Inflatable Suits)

$225.00 for Event

Jousting Game (Inflatable Bouncer Arena)

$275.00 for Event

Boxing Game 

$275.00 for Event

(Inflatable Bouncer Arena with Inflatable Gloves)


Bungee Run Competition

$275.00 for Event

Standard Inflatable Kids Bouncer

$250.00 for Event

Popcorn Machine


Sno-Cone Machine


Cotton Candy Machine


Rental of Decorations


Belly Dancer



Mae West Impersonator


Wagon Hay Rides (with Desert Guide)


Wagon Holds Approx. 35 people


Wagon Hay Ride (with Staged Robbery)


Wagon Holds Approx. 35 people



Howdy: We are open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. This website is updated several times a week. The information you see is correct.  Jay 480-430-5663

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